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Well I have been told that I am pretty good at writing poetry, so I thought Id write some for you guys:

The World Within:

If I could see the world, In one single breath.I would die soon after,For the world, my place of rest, would turn to disaster. The world is vast but yet so small that one may know other, but yet may not know them at all, with crying comes some laughter. For if the world was seen by I, in one single breath, surely soon I would die. One cannot see ones true future or demise until it is to late, the seeing the entire world with one single breath, until my meeting with fate. Upon my last and final breath, the world may be revealed, or perhaps not even then, perhaps the shadows will cover the world with their dark and shadow-like grip. Either way my fate is carved, and locked within my soul. I have never had the key, Or have I but have hidden it from all.

Once I saw a light and was filled with joy, but soon filled with sorrow for with light comes the shadows. The shadows hang onto the light, and together I see no difference. It is from this that I realize, I belong not in a world of light, or a world of dark. No my friends, that is not I, I am a shade of grey who enjoys the light, the warmth and love, but also understands, the beauty in the shadows.

Inside ones self
If I fell in a hole of myself, would I truly be lost- or sucked into hell? Would my world seem twisted, with not light, yet no dark. If that was so- then my vision would perish- for who can see if light and dark disappear. But for now, my children, just listen to your fears. The hell inside you your shield, your hope and your enemy- never let fear develop you- but may it be your faithful guide

Lost Voice
Sometimes I feel as if the world cannot hear me, that I am all alone. Here I stand amongst all but my voice seems to die in the crowd. This is not my place, my voice is strong, my message bold! But yet I am not heard. Here I stand waiting, even for an echo of an answer. Perhaps the world has lost its voice, and I will never hear an answer. Or perhaps its just that none care to listen


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