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Ok, so I made a promise to you guys- and I suppose its time to put it into action. This Is the first post that I will put on the story page. This is umm, well its the post explaining what posts are coming next. Ok well I guess its time to actually start typing that story. Oh yeah- I am going to post it in paragraphs, then separate it into chapters after I have enough paragraphs to do so. I will label only the finished chapters by what ch.# it will be. Ok well I should start brain storming- I hope to get some paragraphs out to you soon! Until my next post, farewell my wonderful readers!!:

The mist swirled around, masking the surroundings in a layer of light grey. The light seems to be growing dimmer, as I move forward. The fog breaks and I know exactly where I am, I have found it. I found my pervious life, my home…


“Tally, Tally, wake up” I hear my sister whispering in my ear, but at this point it sound like shes yelling into an amplifier.

“One more minute,” I mumble, trying to find my way back, to the black of sleep. I was having the weirdest dream, and I needed to go back, to figure it out its meaning. Dreams are windows to the soul after all.

“Damn it!” My sister, Dianne screeched. “Mom and Dad are dead, We have to go, NOW!” My sister was whispering harshly in my ear… what did she say? Mom and dad are dead.. oh shit! This means that their here, that they found us… why am I still alive!? I jumped out of bed with the thoughts, awake and alert. As soon as I was up, I saw her lying on the floor, my only sister, my parents dead. Wait if she’s dead then who the hell was talking to me? There’s no way they could have killed her that quickly!

I Turn around as I realize what’s happened. I see him standing there with a smug smile on his face. I scream as every thing starts to go black…


The fist thing that pops into my mind as I awake is I’m cold– immediately I sense that something is wrong my house is always warm. Even in the middle of winter our house is cozy- never a draft, never a chill. Where am I? I slowy open my eyes as the chill gets deeper, penetrating into my bones. As soon as they flicker open I can see that im lying in a concrete room, but I’m not alone. He is here. Well that explains the chill I have never met anyone colder.

“Hello Derek” The words fly out of my mouth sounding like cool silk.

“Hello, darling. I’m glad to see you have awoken.” He said a fiendish smile on his face. And with that a door was opened and he disappeared.



2 thoughts on “The story page

  1. There is so many ways I can go with this- so please give me some time to figure it out *and as always comments & suggestions are welcomed with open arms* Ok well as soon as I figure it out ill post it for you guys! ❤

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