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School, already?

Hey guys, sorry about all the days in between my posts, I should be back to posting regularly soon! I cant believe how fast summer has gone by! School started yesterday, and I’ve never had any of these teachers before, I’ve only had one of them for gym and now they’re teaching me C.E., so this should be interesting. I go to a catholic school so Christian Ethics is a required course,  its interesting and all, but not my favorite class, its all “how do you feel about this? explain in great detail!!! Like if you want to do that, its nice and all, but I really don’t want to pour my heart and soul out into multiples of paragraphs, over something that I could say nicely in lesser detail.  And its good to help out people, but forcing people to do it, isn’t really the same as people who really WANT to help others!  Yeah but the school year should be ok. See ya later!




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