Howdy Y’all! Its been quite awhile hasn’t it? Time has just been flowing by at a rapid pace and I’m struggling not to get swept under by the current. My high school life has ended and everyone is all like look at all these opportunities and it gets me a little frazzled. My whole life there have been countless opportunities why just state that now? But it certainly is a change I am going into something new and its exciting but at the same time I feel as though I may have to lose who I am right now in order to adapt. Well I have to go, but I’ll try and post more in the future. But no promises, kay? 😉

Reflecting back I remembered this blog, and wow has it been awhile. I remember sitting down at the computer and typing out entries whenever I could. I miss writing on here, and perhaps I will start it up again in the future…

Hey followers!

Hey guys, well I really don’t have anything to talk about, unless you want to hear me rant about homework and school… But I wanted to update so, here I am!!! Um not much else to say, well I guess its time to scroll my dash on tumblr (oh If you want to know what my blog is its ” ” I mainly just reblog stuff, but if I’m inspired then I may write some written posts.) Well that’s all for now, thanks for following, have a cute puppy gif:



School, already?

Hey guys, sorry about all the days in between my posts, I should be back to posting regularly soon! I cant believe how fast summer has gone by! School started yesterday, and I’ve never had any of these teachers before, I’ve only had one of them for gym and now they’re teaching me C.E., so this should be interesting. I go to a catholic school so Christian Ethics is a required course,  its interesting and all, but not my favorite class, its all “how do you feel about this? explain in great detail!!! Like if you want to do that, its nice and all, but I really don’t want to pour my heart and soul out into multiples of paragraphs, over something that I could say nicely in lesser detail.  And its good to help out people, but forcing people to do it, isn’t really the same as people who really WANT to help others!  Yeah but the school year should be ok. See ya later!



Happy Birthday, Anna!!

dsij;kjf;kjgai;hagrhifeqwjdjdfjhgfujgfodnagfos\lzb cvhyigfagbifausgbnjlz\bv joados;kfgnkgfjlifghipiagfg[ogajdgpgifhgipdfs (ehem translation: I have forgotten one of my beautiful friends birthday, and I am an extremely sorry jerk-like person) This post is to an amazing person, whos birthday was on the 16th!! You know who you are, happy birthday!! Well I am extremely sorry for forgetting!! (I guess that’s what I get for not looking at my calendar.) Yes, so know that we all know that I am a forgetful jerk who missed one of my friends birthdays, let me get to the point.


Dear friend, I know that we only met 2 years ago but yet every time I see you your contagious smile has me laughing too.  I find it very hard to make friends, but yet you talked to me and made me feel welcomed, soon I started thinking of you as a friend. Yes, I know that we don’t talk too much, but still I am glad to know you.  I am so sorry for not wishing you happy birthday until now, but late is better than never I suppose.  Thank you for being there smiling, I hope that our friendship will last and that you will have a year of joy, love, and happiness.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀