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Happy Birthday, Anna!!

dsij;kjf;kjgai;hagrhifeqwjdjdfjhgfujgfodnagfos\lzb cvhyigfagbifausgbnjlz\bv joados;kfgnkgfjlifghipiagfg[ogajdgpgifhgipdfs (ehem translation: I have forgotten one of my beautiful friends birthday, and I am an extremely sorry jerk-like person) This post is to an amazing person, whos birthday was on the 16th!! You know who you are, happy birthday!! Well I am extremely sorry for forgetting!! (I guess that’s what I get for not looking at my calendar.) Yes, so know that we all know that I am a forgetful jerk who missed one of my friends birthdays, let me get to the point.


Dear friend, I know that we only met 2 years ago but yet every time I see you your contagious smile has me laughing too.  I find it very hard to make friends, but yet you talked to me and made me feel welcomed, soon I started thinking of you as a friend. Yes, I know that we don’t talk too much, but still I am glad to know you.  I am so sorry for not wishing you happy birthday until now, but late is better than never I suppose.  Thank you for being there smiling, I hope that our friendship will last and that you will have a year of joy, love, and happiness.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀


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