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My fanfic

Hey guys well I was wondering if any of you would like to read a fanfiction I’m writing……. Its soul eater and has 2 characters that are new and created by me. They live in Canada until one day they trip and find themselves in death city where they meet Kid, Maka, Blackstar and their weapons. (sorry about listing just the meisters but it would be a lot of names if I just put them all at once.)  and Crona and Ragnarok at some point! The main characters are girls one who is very smart, used to dance and is a meister whose name is Ana. And other is a weapon, Krista-Marie who is a ice sword and has the ability to “freeze souls” through soul resonance with her meister. And their partners. Previous to landing in Death City they did not know that they were a meister or a weapon, but Krista did feel like she was meant for something else than just reading books all day, or freaking out about tests that she didn’t study for, and once she reaches Death City she feels like who she truly is inside her soul. Sooooooooo do you guys want me to post what I have so far????? I would greatly appreciate it if you guys want to read it!!! Please leave a comment or like if you want me to post it, thanks!!!


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