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Hey guys so two days ago I went to a car show, but while I was there I was drawn to a book sale at the library. You have no idea how wonderful it is to hold a giant bag and get to fill it full of books! I got to go in a whole separate room where they had all the books for sale and I got to fill a bag that I purchased at the library with books for only 10 dollars. It is a wonderfull (oh be quiet spellcheck, I like to spell wonderful with two l’s not one… um sorry for the random note…) feeling to be surrounded by books knowing that soon they could be yours! I spent over an hour in that room looking at books, and selecting which ones I wanted to put in my bag. I ended up picking 30 or so and currently they’re just sitting in the lovely red bag that I selected, waiting for me to go over there and read them. And this wasn’t even my library! I was so lucky to stumble upon this little jewel! Yeah guys im pretty happy I have a whole bag of books that I bought from that library and then I bought 10 or so last week and 2 today. Yup I think im set for the summer! 🙂 Yeah, so I ended up looking at more books then cars, but that’s ok cause I did get to see a few and I’ll probly be going to another car show in august! Thanks for reading, and have a great day you wonderfull people who read my blog!!!


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