The baseball whizzed past causing me jump. Once again my sister has thrown the ball over the plate. It soon hits the back of the fence, making a sound as the ball hits the metal. The ball was not close enough to touch me but yet ever time she wound up I would feel fear. What will I do if she misses? Will she hit me? I snapped out of what I was thinking just in time to see her get ready once again. My heart beats faster as once more the fear on being hit flooded my brain. Why Oh Why am I standing here inside the batters box? I don’t even play base ball! If only she would have been getting strikes when she was just aiming without me standing here! Then she never would have gotten the great idea that I should stand in the batters box so she could make sure that she was getting proper aim. I jump back as yet another “strike” comes towards me.  My heart  is beating like wild, I want so much to quit, but I cant let her down. She needs me, my sister needs me to help her so she can become a better player. If I quit now then she wont improve, She will continue to miss just by a bit. But If I stay here then I can help her become a better player. And once she is that player this will all be worth it. And that is why I am standing here in the batters box…


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