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Importance of life

WARNING: THIS POST WILL HAVE SOME SPOILERS FOR FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (2003) Oh hey there my viewers! Ok so awhile ago I started re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and I recently *spoilers coming* saw the part when Nina and Alexander were turned into a chimera and then killed by Scar. (if you know what I’m talking about then you are probly sad right now, I’m sorry!) Nina is just the most adorable little kid with so much hope and then her messed up father combined her and their dog to create a chimera that can speak the human language, so that he could pass the “evaluation”, he also did this with his wife so that he could become a state alchemist. LIKE WHAT THE HELL SHOU TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO GET TO THE LIFESTYLE TO BE HAPPY YOU SACRIFICED THE ONES YOU LOVED, BUT NOW YOU WILL NEVER TRULEY BE HAPPY BECAUSE THEY ARE GONE!!! WHAT IS THE HELL IS THE POINT OF THIS!!! To see if he could… That’s why he practically killed the ones he loved, to see if he could make them into the speaking chimeras. Apparently curiosity is worth more then lives!!!  LIES!!! One of the lessons we learn from FMA is that there is nothing you can trade for a human soul, that a soul is priceless.


Sorry for getting all depressing on you guys but that was really bugging me and I needed a topic.  But I hope that you all realize how precious you are *and I love each and every one of you, every time a see that I’ve gotten a view I smile. Thank you viewers for making me smile every day even if all you do is open my website, you’ve made my day better. To know that people think my point and view of things is worthy of reading, makes me feel wonderful. Thank you so much!! And remember even if you are feeling down, that people care about you! (Ok so this is kinda un-related but if you guys ever need advice or anything I’ll be here for you! Just leave a comment and I’ll answer it in my next post. No worrys you can be anonymous I just wont approve the comment and I’ll retype it out giving you a nickname or something, so you don’t have to let people know its you! Because I know that life isn’t always easy, so I’ll be here for you guys! I love each and every one of you, and I will never laugh or judge you, your worries are safe with me.) *  And remember that no matter what we do, we cant replace life, so live your life to the fullest for its is a gift.


One thought on “Importance of life

  1. I love Fullmetal alchemist for reasons like this the topics of worth and what you are willing to sacrafice are used frequently and it sticks in your mind the final quote of fullmetal alchemist which i put on my blog kept me thinking back on the series for ages and what it mean’t to have “a heart Fullmetal”. Also Shout out to Vic Mignogna As he does a brilliant job as Ed and i love him! (Epic Bromance!)

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