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Memories of 2012/2013

Hey guys, so my last final of the year is tomorrow!!! *happy dance* And I’m really happy about it, its almost summer! Anyways since the last final is tomorrow it means that I have only one more test (well two actually… band & gym- just tests no big finals or anything- so I don’t really have to study much *YAY*) Only two more hours of school left then it will be time to say goodbye to the year, and start thinking about the memories to come next year.   Yeah but I will miss this school year, its the last year that my whole group of friends will be together and I am going to miss all of the times that we laughed or smiled, but yet I hope we will still stay friends. Friends will stay friends no matter the distance. Yeah no matter how far away our friends are, our memories will always keep us connected. Well I have doodles to draw, so bye for now wonderful readers!


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