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Time Flies

Hey guys! Ok so today is Friday, which means that I don’t have a final tomorrow and actually have time to type out a blog!!!!! The year has gone by so fast (well some minutes were slow, like really slow, never going to end slow) and soon I will be free from school until next year when I have to return. Isn’t the concept of time amazing? When we were younger the days seemed to last forever, but as we grew it seemed to go faster because we have lived longer. Yet It was always the same, It just seemed different. The future is fast approaching, and I still have no idea what I want to do, who I want to be in world. Yet I believe when it is time, I will figure it out.

Soon friends of old, and friends of new will be leaving, but still I hope that we will continue to be friends, and that our friendships will live on no matter the distance. Yes we will miss them but things happen for a reason, and in no time I will see them again. I will remember their smiles and even if they are far away, I will always have the memories of the good times.

Things change, people change but memories don’t- remember to cherish the present as it can bring memories that will always make you smile. The present is called the “present” for a reason, every moment is a gift.


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