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Hello :)

Hey people, well as much as I want to spend a long time typing out pieces of my brain and soul for guys to read, I have anime to watch. (anime… :D) Oh I know that face, the quizzical question face, your wondering what anime I’m watching aren’t you? Well maybe I’ll tell you later 😉 Well I must go watch anime and then read (manga), so i’ll post again later (probly tomorrow). Oh yeah song, song, song *OH I KNOW!!!* enjoy the opening theme of Mushi-shi (<3, nice try but its not the anime im currently watching 😉 ) * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AapZE-LHUdI * Bye for now, my wonderful readers!! Oh yes if you have any suggestions on what book I should read, what I should draw, an anime I should watch, or any manga that are good- please let me know!! (LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!! :D) b-bye *waves*


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