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the sands of time slip through
I am unable to freeze time
to stay in this moment forever-
what will be left are the memories
they will be mine forever, living in my heart

Hello viewers. One thing that we do on a regular basis is make memories, whether we realize it or not. We rely on these precious parts of our past to help us in life. Everyday we remember what we need to do, although sometimes we forget at the time. I remembering that the brain never forgets anything, and that it is stored in our memory until we need it. I just have one question about that statement, If that is true then why do we forget things before tests? Perhaps that is not the true moment when we need the information.

Well I have things to do, so I guess its time for a song. Please enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean symphonic suite * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBO8c5pA520 *


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