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Pajamas & Sweaters

Good morning guys!!! (erm for those of you who are like Im a girl!! Well Im a girl too- so don’t take offense…) Ok well here I am in comfy pajamas and a warm sweater blogging to you guys, so im gonna write about pajamas and sweaters.

1) Pajamas: these range in size, height, material, and design- but most of them are pretty comfy and keep you warm- or cool if their summer pajamas. Yes well if these articles of clothing are so likeable how come barley anyone wears them outside their house? Remember when you were little and you wanted to wear your pajamas to school (and it wasn’t “pajama day”) so your parents said no- why did they do that? Why did society make it so that is is unusual to see someone walking around clad in pajamas? Oh but there are exceptions, like if its in the morning and your just going to a car to get something and come back. Or if you just had a sleepover with some friends. See how those event are all before afternoon? And then there’s some occasions when things are forgotten in the car and you’ve already changed into your pajamas so you throw on a sweater and make the trek out side. Yes isn’t that weird that we only wear pajamas during times when people are sleeping or when were at home just watching tv or on the computer? But pajamas can also be an excuse if someone want you to go outside but you don’t want to- “Im only wearing pajamas, and I have no clothes washed.” Well that is probly enough on pajamas now on to sweaters.

2) Sweaters: These can be light or heavy, warm or cooler, and of course the designs will very. Sweaters can be worn at anytime in the day, or at night, during any season. Yes well why are these cozy items considered differently than pajamas? Sweaters offer protection, warm, and creativity. Sweaters range in many colours and many sizes from fitted to baggy. Very much like pajamas- except we don’t sleep in these, well we might but not usually. Is that the reason why we regard them in different categories?


Well no matter what time of day (or night) it is pajamas and sweater are both ways to stay warm, to state your style, and multiple other things! Yes my friends enjoy your warmth of pajamas now, and when it gets time to take on the day, grab one of those wonderful sweaters.


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