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Destined for Greatness

 Up that is where we look,

Up towards the greats

Up towards the heavens

We strive to travel up

to go where no man has gone before

though not all stairs lead to the same destination.


There are some who lack belief

doomed to stay on ground

but don’t look back,

friends follow me


We are going to climb higher

higher than any before-

For if you fall I’ll catch you


You don’t have to climb to the greats alone.

I will never leave your side

for it takes more then one


An author cannot produce an novel

by themselves- No

it takes the effort of many determined souls

To get it to greatness-

You cannot do this alone


Let me help you-

I cant promise that you wont fall-

but this I can promise you-

I will get you to your feet again


You are on your way to greatness-

I will never let you down

Together we will see it

greatness for all.


I believe in you-

for in your destiny

I can see it

You are destined to be you-

and that Is why you will be great.


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