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Hey there viewers

Didley doo (the sound of a bored me). Yes well currently my brain is being invaded. I have misplaced my curiosity- and yesterday I actually cleaned D: also my enthusiasticness has gone missing. Well my theory is that a bunch of people (not normal people- brain people perhaps) have moved into my brain and have mistaken my identity as food. Hopefully that’s not really the case- and I’ll be back to normal soon!! Well im going to go and draw- if it turns out I will post it for you guys later 🙂 Goodbye my wonderful viewers & have a wonderful Friday

Oh yes, song time- since it is raining out, enjoy Im Singing in the Rain * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmCpOKtN8ME * I want to go out and randomly sing that song & dance I wonder what people would do if I did. I’m feeling a little more happy- thanks to writing this post for you guys. Thank You!!!!


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