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These pretty little sign are symbols needed in many card games. My favorite game of cards is probably Keiser. If we look at the cards we see that every suit has a Ace, King, Queen, Jack ,10 ,9, & an 8. The spade suit ♠ also has a 3. This 3 of spades is worth -3 points. The heart suit  has an 5, this 5 is worth +5 points. And the clubs ♣ & diamonds both have a 7. As in life you never know who will have that 3 ♠ or that 5 , whether it is your partner or your foe. You can not plan out your whole life- you can just go with what is dealt to you and what plays out. Decisions will influence out comes and out comes will influence decisions, because that is how life is. No matter how long you want to change the playout of the game, you can only do so with your next move. And some you have no way to win- you only have so many turns in your life.


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