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Snow!! <3

hi guys I was reading one of my friends old posts about how she wanted winter to go away & well I respect her opinion and every thing but well my opinion is quite different. Well you see I am one of those peoples who love the snow (& such)! Snow means ice and although people complain about the ice- I find it beautiful. I mean ice means skating- and you cant play ringette (ringette is coming up as a misspelled word… :c *Its real im telling you!!!! -> For those of you who do not know what ringette is let me explain it to you- It is “the fastest game on ice”. The goal of the game is to score goals by getting the ring past the goalie. *for those of you who are comparing this to hockey- you may leave now!! or you can realise that they are completely different sports & you may stay! :3* The maximum # of players on the ice at a time is 5 per team (2 forwards, 1 center & 2 defence) 6 players if you count the goalie. Ringette is a non- contact sport & most teams are female (although I have played against male goalies & I know that there are male and mixed teams though all the ones that ive seen are at an older level *like some of my coaches play on male teams*) the sticks are straight and have a metal or plastic tip (kind like a hockey stick without the blade & a plastic or metal tip at the bottom- yeah I know im comparing to hockey BUT that’s only for the benefit of those who are completely lost right now) These ringette sticks come in many colours & brands (such as stinger or ring jet)

The sticks should come up to your underarm but can be as short as your bellybutton. The purpose of theses sticks is to “stab” the ring

Yeah well this explanation is getting really long & I have to do stuff so here I’ll give you guys a link to the ringette Canada site  * http://www.ringette.ca/ *  This link will explain all the rules and the objective, etc.) Ok Where was I? (Oh yes- the winter is my favorite season speech.) Ok so its officially nice out side but really- its not the same as that brilliant white dazzling snow that covers everything in sight. Also I would like to inform you that -5 C is NOT COLD!!!! Ive read so many books that think it is but jeez- come to Canada we’ll show you cold!! Aww yeah bros!, Canadian winters get really chilly really fast (but i’ll have you know that our summers also get really warm- take that you Americans who think we live in igloos HA! *although that would be kinda cool…*) & I love all of it!! The cold is the perfect protection from the heat (i’ll take cold over heat anyday, thankyou) also the sheer beauty of it all- the snow covers the trees and the grass. Oh the trees- there is nothing more beautiful then a tree dusted in snow, twinkling in the sun!! And then theres the winter sports- Ringette, Hockey, Sledding/ Tobogganing, Skiing, Snowboarding & others (like snow soccer *yeah you remember that sport- all you G.V. kids*) Yes So theses are some of the reasons why I ❤ winter. (I miss it- come back snow!!) But alas now it is finally starting to look like spring- so I guess I’ll make the best of it!! (at least I can sit outside on the grass now) Well this is an extremely long post- so I think I’m good for the rest of the day. See you guys tomorrow & have a wondermaful *yeah I spelt that right W-O-N-D-E-R-M-A-F-U-L* day!! :3

Oh right, Song!!! please enjoy Cold as Ice by Foreigner ❤ * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_1XdSqBQUg *


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