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My Apologies

Hey broski’s!  I am really sorry that I haven’t been posting as much as usual- but I’ve been working on the story blog (which is now operating- go check it out!! * keepersofthewords.wordpress.com * ) I have also been reading ❤ (shout out to all you readers out there!!) If you ever need to know book suggestions or want me to read some writing of your own- Then ask me PLEASE!! I would love some more things to read- and I would also help out with ideas if you need any!! Or you could suggest a book for me to read- or if you want to know if a book is good then I can read it first and let you know!! Ok so I know that was quite a bit about books but, what can I say I love a good read or two or five or more… (books!! <3)

Ok well I also want to say sorry about no posts yesterday. It was a holiday & stuff (so no school- YAY) so I should have had time but- I thought I already did a post & was too lazy to do another one. Turns out I actually didn’t write that first post so im sorry! (in my defence the book I was reading was really good) Yeah…


Well to leave on a happy note, lets have a song shall we? Enjoy Eye of the Tiger by Survivor * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwer1CiteBg * Untill next time enjoy life my viewers

(ok so I wanted to add a quote/ saying The eyes are watching form the shadows- they know where you are and they wait for attack. But they can be defeated, so come take a stand! )


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