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I made a poll

I know what your thinking- “omigersh a poll” but really its not too amazing- though making the answers WAS fun >:) Ok well feel free to vote! This is all I have to say for now- have a wonderful Tuesday! *wait, wait, wait!- INSPERATION *anime “sparkles”** Ahh Tuesday! I like Tuesday, but some of my friends aren’t a fan. I don’t see why Tuesdays are wonderful! & its also a desert! *rice crispies & puff wheat- but they closed the store that sold the Tuesdays down recently… still rice crispies will always be remembered as Tuesday. *if you wanna know why- ask me- I DARE YOU** Hmm where was I, oh yes- Tuesday! There are so many wonderful things to do on a Tuesday *check out the video- by thecomputernerd01- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glD11w7PNkU * special shoutout to computernerd!! love your videos! * I also apologize that the real song is really annoying- but if you like it I wont judge you! (well not much :p)** Well I going to let you all enjoy this wonderful Tuesday! I should go and draw- (any suggestions??????- comment on this post & I’ll draw it and post it for you!) Have a fantabulous Tuesday my amazing readers!!


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