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Hello readers! I would like to start out with a question: “Don’t you just hate it when your in the middle of writing something, and it randomly shuts down and doesn’t save?” Well sadly that just happened (guess I should have clicked the “save draft” button… :l), so here I am attempting to re-create the post I was typing. Ok So today is a very special day, Mothers Day! I would like to give a shout out to the mothers, the protectors & givers of life! Please be nice to the parentals today *epesically the mother* and do something nice for her to make her day bright, and a smile appear upon her face.

    Ok so back to that post im trying to “bring back to life”(- I kinda got sidetracked with that mothers day stuff.- I was originally going to mention it later on) Ok back to the point (apparently I get distracted quite easily) Ok, so recently I went to check out my friend Ana’s blog, upon visiting I realised some things. 1) In comparison my posts are very small (even compared to the “lazy” post D:) for this, I apologize. I will attempt to expand my ideas- so they may transform from a short story into a novel 2) Ana is frikin amazing, a whole category dedicated to “rants”, WAY TO BE!! (if I was an cartoon, this would be the point, when a pair of pom-poms would magically appear- and I would start cheering *yeah, I know what your thinking: “pom-poms, really? What the hell are you thinking?” – well if you must know its pom-poms because I cant think of anything else at the moment…*) 3) ok so im out of points… buuuutttt I did realise that perhaps I should start writing that story *hopefully it will be the length of a novel by the time im done- or,or,or even better- A SERIES! :D* sooner, rather than after I get more views, because well- you guys can always read my olds posts. I plan on making a category dedicated to it soon, so keep an eye out!

Also guess what, my draft did save- and I started all over again for nothing D: *yeah apparently I just couldn’t find it…* And OMIGOSH 7 views 😀 – wow that’s amazing & I even have a follower *thankyou, Ana!* Ok well I should get started on that story. See you soon, readers!


2 thoughts on “Realization

  1. Don’t feel bothered to make longer posts rather than shorter ones, you also just did 3 in one day so that counts as tons. And I don’t post near as much as you do.
    Oh, and I’m glad you think I’m so frikin amazing XD and I love the idea of pom-poms. Way to chibi it up!
    (starts chanting) Story! Story! Story!

  2. I can’t help agreeing to the compliments: Ana is really, really awesome. Really awesome. So much awesomeness. I bet she can even make awesomesauce. Which would taste very awesome indeed. Yup. And you’re super super super awesome too! And if you ever forget that, all of us shall pound the truth right back into your brain! Painlessly! Yeah!
    This is getting really long. But anywho, I’m looking forward to your fiction so I can fangirl all over it and squee while hugging my computer screen! 😀

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